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For the rest of our existence, rest assured we will always use the highest possible standards, for sourcing, cultivating, and manufacturing organic supplements.

Our commitment to excellence will propel us to continuously improve our brands experience at every touch point, ensuring we overdeliver every time. And when we don’t, let us know – your genuine feedback is how we get better.

Thank you so much for your support

- Michael Morelli, Founder


Not everyone knows about our founder's commitment to his family, or to you his extended family. Michael Morelli didn't want just another supplement brand, he wanted something he could feel proud of, products that were truly safe for everyone, including his kids.

That was the true test and after 17 months of testing, he was finally satisfied with the ingredient deck you have come to love as Detox Organics – Daily Superfoods.

In the midst of creation, little did he know he’d change his fiancés life in the process. She always struggled, well at least ever since the birth of their second child Carmello, and when Michael saw it work in real time, he was even more compelled to take it to market.

Her experience was the proof Michael needed to invest his last dollar into Detox Organics.

michael's story

At 31, Michael was going through bankruptcy and divorce at the same time and had nothing but a drug addiction and $2,000 to my name. He was overweight, eating and drinking all the time, and living in my mother’s basement. 

Michael knew he needed to change, but nothing seemed to work until he received the news that he was going to be a father. The birth of his daughter was a catalyst for his transformation and he promised her to become a better man every day. 

He got clean, started working on his health, and have now been on the relentless pursuit to work on not only himself, but any and everyone else he can in the process. Through all of that, Michael knew he wanted to create a product that he could feel proud to share with my family. 

We are sure glad he because to date he's been able to help over 500,000 people transform their lives to look and most importantly FEEL THE BEST THEY’VE EVER FELT. 

One thing that's for sure, is Michael’s passion for holistic healing and optimization – he believes food is thy medicine, and through his organic formulations, we have proof the world is healing one beautiful soul at a time.

Thank you for holding your nutrition and supplementation to such a high standard, rest assured that Detox Organics is here to hold that extremely high standard for and with you.

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