5 amazing Benefits of Pineapple

dismissing this weird and wonderful fruit would be a big mistake, as it could be one of the healthiest fruits around! 

Did you know pineapple could do all of this?

1. It’s Packed Full of Vitamins and Minerals

A single cup of fresh pineapple contains more than your daily requirement of vitamin C. It also contains several B vitamins and is loaded with manganese and copper.

In addition to these minerals and vitamins you will get around 1 tenth of your daily fiber in a single cup of pineapple chunks, which contains around 80 to 85 calories. This is important, as a lack of fiber has been linked to a host of health issues and may be responsible for thousands of deaths from heart disease and colon cancer every single year.

2. It is Rich in Antioxidants

Vitamin C is an abundant antioxidant that can reduce oxidative stress and support the immune system. And if you’re wondering why you would bother eating pineapple when you can just pop a vitamin C tablet—think again. Countless studies have shown that antioxidant supplements simply don’t work and may actually cause more harm than good.

In their natural form, however, antioxidants are essential for good health and a diet rich in these amazing compounds can greatly reduce your chances of getting cancer, heart disease, and even Parkinson’s. That’s not to say that a little pineapple will cure cancer or 100% guarantee you won’t get a chronic disease, but it plays a key role in reducing the risk.

3. It Helps with Digestion

A 2009 review found that the enzymes in pineapple could help to improve digestion. This essentially confirms what many fans of this fruit have known for years— a little pineapple flesh or juice goes a long way to hastening digestion and reducing digestive disorders.

One of the ways it does this is via a compound known as bromelain, which can help to bulk-up the stool by breaking down more proteins. A bulkier stool is not only more comfortable to pass, but it also collects more waste as it moves through the colon.

As part of a high-fiber, high-nutrient diet, pineapple can keep you regular. In fact, this is one of the main reasons we included pineapple in our detox drink, as it allows for optimum absorption of the many nutrients contained within this formula and any food consumed with it.

Pineapple contains antioxidants that play a role in maintaining optimal eye health.

4. It Could Help with Eye and Oral Health

Pineapple contains antioxidants that play a role in maintaining optimal eye health. That’s not to say that a little pineapple juice or flesh will fix any eye issues you have or give you super-powered vision, but if you are deficient in these compounds and your eye health is suffering as a result, regular consumption of pineapple could help.

There have also been studies on pineapple’s apparent antibacterial properties, and these seem to be most notable in the mouth. Your mouth is a haven for bacteria, most of it bad, and this typically gets worse every time you eat and drink. Pineapple may help to kill some of this though, improving oral health by limiting the spread of bacteria that eventually leads to plaque and bad breath.

5. It Reduces Inflammation

The antioxidants in pineapple can reduce inflammation throughout the body and this has numerous positive effects. Firstly, it helps to reduce the threat of disease, as many diseases are rooted in chronic inflammation, and by keeping this to a minimum you can lower the risk of diseases developing. Secondly, it could help to reduce the pain and inflammation caused by arthritis and other joint conditions.

Finally, these anti-inflammatory effects could also reduce inflammation caused by digestive disorders such as IBS. And this, in addition to the digestive enzyme benefits discussed above, could be why pineapple seems to be so effective at reducing pain and discomfort in IBS sufferers.

organic is always Best

Toxins are flooding into our environment from all around us every single day.  Smog, car emissions, sprayed chemicals that make their way into our air, all enter into our bodies when we breathe.

We can also pick it up in our water, as it is subject to dumping, acid rain, and other leakage of unnatural chemicals that get flushed down the drain.

The foods you eat, every single day (unless you are 100% organic and in that case, GO YOU!) are laden with pesticides and herbicides. And that’s not just fresh produce.

That’s any food product like crackers, breads, sauces, dressings, and anything that’s manufactured, because unless the packages say organic, the starting ingredients were treated with pesticides and herbicides.

Often, meats and dairy products contain antibiotics and growth hormones.

Not to mention, the animals are fed the same plants with these pesticides and herbicides in them, unless you specifically purchase from farms and companies who make sure to carefully avoid these things.

Then there are the products that you use in your household, like cleaning products and air fresheners. All of which contain chemicals that are toxic, should not be ingested, and make their way into the air and onto our skin.

And don’t forget the plethora of hair, skin and nail products you go through each day.

Starting with your face wash, body soap, shaving cream, make up, contact solution, nail polish remover, lotion, perfume, after shave, acne cream, night creme, shampoo, deodorant ... see the point?

The production of health and beauty products is very loosely regulated with many controversial chemicals being used widely throughout the industry.

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how to get pineapple benefits without the sugar

We went to great lengths to include an extract of the finest organic pineapple in our Detox Organics superfood formula, which you can buy here. Not only were we incredibly impressed with what this fruit could do when consumed on its own, but we were also blown away by the properties of pineapple when combined with other superfoods.

We’re not alone in this either, as pineapple sales are growing at a rate of knots in the United States. In 2018, Americans bought more pineapples than avocados and cherries, and pineapple’s year-on-year sales increased higher than any other popular fruit.

It seems that this tropical fruit is experiencing an awakening in the United States, and we for one are behind it every step of the way! So, buy it raw, buy it tinned, buy it in Detox Organics—put it on a pizza it you want! Just make sure you get more of this fruit in your diet.