Summer Detox & Shred – 4th of July


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Total Body Wellness & Lasting Weight Loss Success!  

Summer is here … and that means parties, pools, cocktails, fun in the sun and lots of our favorite foods.

If you’re doing any of that^^ then this package is your new best friend and will make sure you don’t end summer all extra plump and fluffy.

The Summer Detox & Shred Package is designed to quickly detox your body and jump start your fat loss.

But unlike other fat loss programs, ours works faster because it goes to work on areas that are overlooked by other nutrition companies (ie: digestive and elimination systems and metabolism and thyroid).


In 21 days you can expect to lose as much as one pound per day – weight loss so fast you’ll freak … when you put on that bathing suit or that old pair of jeans you used to love so much!

You get one of everything, literally!

Daily Boost for your metabolism and thyroid, Daily Superfoods for your digestive tract and gut, Emergency Detox to cleanse and do a deep detoxing, and our 21-Day Meal Guide to tie it all together and give you faster fat loss than most people know is even possible!

PLUS a shaker cup and some delicious recipe guides to make some guilt-free sweet treats. 

ALL IN this is over $400 worth of Detox Organics, but not when you act during the 4th Of July Weekend.

You can get it ALL today for less than $100 one-time. That’s a crazy deal for all of this organic goodness!

Over the next 30 days you can expect: 

  • Weight Loss 

  • Increased Energy 

  • Better Digestion 

  • Faster Elimination Of Toxins

  • Boosted Metabolism & Thyroid Support 

  • Reduced Inflammation 

  • Regular Bowel Movements 

  • Way Less Bloat 

If you want to be on the FAST TRACK to fat loss, better digestion, less bloat and increased energy — GRAB THIS PACKAGE BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE!

Caution: If you follow this Summer Detox & Shred Program as it’s laid out, you will lose more weight in 21 days than you ever have in two months time — that’s how powerful this package is!

Premium Quality Products With USDA Certified Organic Ingredients To Truly Support Your Wellness, While Providing Benefits You Actually NOTICE...

Here at Detox Organics, we select the finest quality ingredients for our formulas that work synergistically to help you get the results you've been looking for.  Here are just some of the benefits that our community reports back to us...

- Less Bloating

- More Sustainable Energy

- Easier/Better Bowel Movements

- Less Cravings

- Better Mood

- More Clarity/Less Brain Fog

- Better Digestion

- Boost Immune System
- Less Inflammation

- Better Mobility

- Easier Weight Loss/Management

- Better Sleep

- Better Skin

- Flatter Belly

- And The List Goes On!

Even with that long list, our #1 favorite benefit we've heard is:  

"I Feel Healthy Again!"  :-)

We have thousands of 5-star reviews from our community, and the benefits listed above are ALL specifically what our members have told us they've experienced.*

Includes these immune boosting INGREDIENTS!

What's included with this Super Wellness SuperFoods Package?

(over $400 worth of products included)

Detox Organics 
Daily Superfoods - $99

Detox Organics Daily Superfoods is our flagship product.  It's 25 Certified Organic Superfoods plus Chocolate, in one delicious formula that you mix with water, in smoothies, in desserts, and more!  Ease digestion, banish bloating, improve regularity, reduce inflammation, and support total wellness.

Detox Organics
Daily Boost - $69.95

Detox Organics Daily Boost is a 100% Organic herbal formula designed to boost your natural energy levels while improving your metabolism & supporting a healthy thyroid.  You'll enjoy calm, precise, all-day energy, without "the crash".

Detox Organics
Emergency Detox - $49.95

Detox Organics Emergency Detox is 100% Organic Activated Charcoal formula.  It's designed to help support detoxification when you eat out or consume food of unknown quality, drink low quality coffee, when you travel, when you feel moody or tired, or when you drink alcohol.

Detox Organics 
21-Day Metabolic Reset - $99.95

The 21-Day Metabolic Reset is our most popular digital program that has helped thousands transform their lives, reset their metabolism, rid themselves of excess lingering fat, and increase energy levels.  It's designed to help you "reset" your system back to a healthy state and get real results!  You will receive instant download access to this program.

Detox Organics
Shaker Cup - $9.95

Everything else is just a shaker cup. The BlenderBottle® Classic™ revolutionized the industry back in 2004 with its leak-proof seal, iconic design, and the BlenderBall® wire whisk.Now, years later, it's still the best-selling shaker on the market. Why? Because it works.

Detox Organics
Dessert Recipes Vol 1-3 - $74.95

These 3 Downloadable Volumes of Dessert Guides are filled with super healthy smoothies, shakes, brownies, pancakes, and over 50 amazing treats that will support your wellness and light up your taste buds!  You're sure to find several you LOVE (HINT HINT: the pancakes are a community favorite).  You will receive instant download access to all 3 volumes.


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