Digestive Distress is Part of a Vicious Cycle!

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Our quiz analyzes the struggles you face that keep you from being healthy. 

There are many reasons people struggle to maintain a healthy lifestyle, and our goal is to identify your challenges, and get to the root so we can put solutions in place that work fast!

Based on your answers … you are faced with something that cripples a lot of people, most in fact, struggle with some form of Digestive Distress.

The biggest challenge with this, is that often times you don’t know you have it until it’s a more serious health challenge.

Glad we’ve identified it early, we have all the tools to keep you from becoming a statistic of poor health and distress.

Sound familiar? 

It’s all good, we know how to help you beat this quickly.

As we navigate through this together, please know you are not alone, and there is a reason for everything you’ll read below.

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A poor diet leads to 678,000 deaths every year in the US alone, causing diseases directly related to obesity and malnutrition.(Center for Science in the Public Interest)

Reducing the average adult BMI (body mass index) by just 5% would allow millions of Americans to avoid serious health conditions. (Trust for America’s Health) 

Less than 3% of Americans live a healthy lifestyle and only 38% eat a balanced diet. (Oregon State University and the Mayo Clinic) 

Today is the day you break the cycle, you are too good to become a statistic! 

Our mission is to help people, and we do that by understanding exactly where you are at, and meeting you there.

No matter what you’ve tried before, if you’ll have a little faith, and follow our recommendations you’ll be better in no time!

Serious Signs Your Body Is Ready For A Reset

You are already feeling the motivation to get healthy, even if you don’t know it yet. 

It’s just disguised as symptoms, and a lack of looking and feeling your best.

Your body is sending you signals that it’s craving better nutrition and some movement. 

The harsh reality is that Sometimes our signals are overlooked for too long, and turn into serious health challenges with all kinds of unintentional consequences, some life-changing, and not in a good way...

What starts out as ...

Quickly turns into diabetes, heart disease, alzheimers, or even cancer.

That’s not to make you worry, that’s to be a force of reason in your life, so you don’t become another statistic. 

We have a solution, that’s practically free -- serious.

While most of these things can be attributed to poor nutrition, we simplify it, and turn it into an easy to follow plan, for someone who suffers from digestive distress. 

Keep reading … it’s about to make a ton more sense!

True Healing Only Happens From The Inside Out

What if you are struggling with a condition that hasn’t been linked to food or exercise? 

What you eat still affects how you feel! 

Most of the time, people who don’t eat well will suffer from additional gut issues. 

When your body can’t process and digest foods the way it was designed, it will struggle even more to keep up with the onslaught of other diseases, injuries or illnesses.

Your body can do amazing things, but it needs the right fuel to run properly.

Eating well may not solve every issue, but it is going to certainly make you feel better.

You may be compounding your symptoms unnecessarily by maintaining a poor diet and avoiding exercise.

 This, in turn, makes you feel worse, which becomes the vicious cycle.

Be kind to yourself and your body and allow it to operate at peak performance by providing it with the right fuel and movements.

You don’t need to go overboard with a strict diet and gym rat lifestyle.

You can improve how you feel by focusing on more vegetables, more water and movements that feel good (like yoga or chair yoga). 

Take a slow path towards healing.

You are in the right place because you are already noticing the signals your body has been putting out.

Order Detox Organics Daily Superfoods Shakes today to help heal your gut and provide your body with the fuel it needs! 

Your First Step On The Path To Health

You are here not by chance, but because of timing, and our deep understanding of what’s really needed to solve your health challenges, before they turn into a health crisis.

And you’re here now because you are truly ready to commit, trust, and execute on the plan.

I mean you didn't take the quiz, read all of this, start to have hope again, for nothing did you?

It’s pretty damn clear, you realized the need for change, you just needed a little confidence and push to do it. 

Now that you know how digestive destress continues to get in the way of your health, the rest is easy, we just need to shift your mindset, and give you something super simple to follow.

One of the things that’s super cost effective and puts people back on the health track fast,, are Superfoods, but not just any, there are specific kinds that don’t taste like superfoods, and some like Detox Organics that taste like a chocolate milkshake.

But that’s not even the best part, they eliminate bloat, give you energy, soothe your tummy from poor digestion, and when coupled with our plan that we sent to you via email, will help you lose weight quickly, and improve your health across the board!

It’s faster, it’s easier, you won’t count calories or be on some overly restricted diet, and you don't have to exercise to see results.

Remember, we know you need to see progress fast, and that’s what your plan is designed to do!

Because we know money is important to you, we are going to give you your plan at no charge, and if you’d like to see some even faster results, grab the Daily Superfoods, they are also in your meal guide.

( Yes, I said Chocolate !! :p )

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