Emergency Detox Information

Emergency Detox

Emergency Detox, aka activated charcoal, is a phenomenal supplement that is used to block the absorption of toxins in the gut by binding to them and assists the body in eliminating them more quickly. 

Emergency Detox is not meant to be taken daily. This supplement should be used in emergency situations only, such as when you know you have been exposed to mold or toxic air, had too many drinks, or have consumed fried or fast foods. 

Take 2 capsules of Emergency Detox with a full glass of water before bed on days where you have had a few drinks or food of low or unknown quality. You will wake up feeling refreshed and energized as it will prevent that feeling of brain fog or a hangover the next day. 

Disclaimer: For those who take any form of medication or vitamins and supplements, make sure to take your Emergency Detox away from your other medications by 2-3 hours.