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Chronic constipation is said to affect as much as 27% of the US population (1). It ranges in severity, but the term is generally used to describe people who have fewer bowel movements than usual, typically three or less per week. 

It can be a sign of a serious illness, but in most causes it’s caused by poor diet, leading to hard, dry stools that move slowly through the bowel and require straining and/or laxatives to pass properly.

It’s a common complaint that has an easy, straightforward solution: eat more greens. The problem is, while we all know whole foods and greens are the answer, we often struggle to add them to our diet. 

That’s why we created Detox Organics. This superfood mix contains the equivalent of 10 pounds of fresh vegetables in a single chocolate-flavored scoop. It’s high in fiber, vitamins, minerals, probiotics, enzymes and amino acids—all of which can help to restore a healthy balance in your gut.

And because it tastes like chocolate and is easy to drink, there’s no excuse NOT to drink it.

The problem with constipation is that once you have it, it can be hard to remedy naturally. The last thing you want to do when you feel bunged-up and sluggish is consume several pounds of fresh vegetables.

There is a cruel irony to constipation, because once you have it, the last things you want to eat are the things that can help you, and the foods you actually eat are the ones that make you worse.

Detox Organics is a remedy that can help you sidestep this dilemma and restore some regularity**.

What Causes Constipation? 

Previous studies have suggested that constipation is more prevalent in the south (2), where the levels of obesity are considerably higher (3) and the diet is more fat and sugar centric. But it’s also more common in women and the old, suggesting that diet isn’t the only cause. 

A diet that is rich in fat and lacking in fiber and whole foods is a major risk factor for constipation, but it can also be caused by: 

• Food Intolerances

• Dehydration

• Excessive Alcohol Intake

• Drugs and Medications

• Health Conditions
   (from Parkinson’s to Strokes)

• Pregnancy

• Aging 

If there is a significant change in your bowel habits that is unrelated to your diet, then you should consult with a medical professional. In most cases, constipation is not related to any serious medical condition, but it can be.


Cramping can be caused by constipation, but it can also be the result of a poor diet (high-fat, low fiber) food intolerances, and more. If you suffer from regular cramping then it’s important to find the trigger and this should begin with the food that you eat.Trying removing the following foods from your diet to see if the cramping is reduced:

Gluten: Found in bread, pasta, noodles and most processed foods.

Dairy: Milk, butter, cheese, yoghurt. 

MSG: An additive commonly used in processed food and Asian cuisine. 

Soy: Used in a lot of processed foods, as well as tofu, tempeh, soy milk, and meat alternatives.

An intolerance is different to an allergy, and the latter is much more severe, leading to respiratory problems, skin rashes, itchiness and more. If you experience any of these symptoms alongside cramping then you should consult with a medical professional

Cramping can also be caused by a build-up of gas, which can be a result of the foods you eat. A low quality diet can cause excessive gas, but it can also result from low intestinal bacteria (caused by diet, antibiotics and medical conditions) and excess consumption of soluble fibers like those found in beans.


Detox Organics contains 25 superfoods, all of which are designed to work synergistically to improve your gut health. This is the foundation of good health—if you have a healthy gut then you’ll feel better mentally and physically. 

The fiber, nutrients, probiotics, and enzymes in Detox Organics are what keeps cramping and constipation to a minimum, but there are also some specific antioxidants and ingredients found in these superfoods that have a more direct and immediate effect on constipation:

Aloe Vera: A natural constipation remedy that works gently and quickly, aloe vera has been studied extensively for its digestive effects and it has proven to be particularly effective in curing symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) (4).

Spirulina: A natural anti-inflammatory (important for gut health) and antioxidant that is rich in nutrients (5).

Turmeric: One of the strongest natural anti-inflammatories on the planet, with results similar to NSAIDs (6).

Lemon Balm: Can ease digestion and soothe cramping (7). 

Chlorella: Can ease the symptoms of PMS, including cramping, and is also used as a digestive aid (8).

Ginger Root: Can help with menstrual pain and cramping (9) and is also very effective at reducing nausea (10)

What Our Customers Have to Say About Detox Organics and Constipation

  • Helps with constipation. — Mike M.

  • I feel lighter, more regular and no bloating at all which is amazing. — Therese A.

  • Best thing is, I’m regular! — Nhu T.

  • Amazing product and am now regular… less bloating and tastes amazing. — Nancy M. 

  • I’m NEVER bloated anymore and I used to be on a regular basis. — Brenna U. 

  • I feel less bloated and I go to the bathroom regularly. — Evelyn M. 


Laxatives can also be used to treat constipation and are advised in extreme cases, when there is a blockage that no amount of health food, water or natural remedies will shift. However, these should not be the go-to remedies every time the issue arises as they can cause more problems than they solve.

The Problem with Laxatives

The laxative industry is worth hundreds of millions of dollars in the United States (11) and the biggest sellers are the ones that provide the fastest relief, even at the expensive of discomfort. For instance, Dulcolax (12), which provides rapid relief and can cause intense cramping, outsells bulk forming laxatives, which provide a gentler and more natural relief, by more than 5 to 1. 

The main issue with relying on these drugs is that they can make the bowel weak and lazy. It’s an addiction like any other, and one that leaves your body craving the assistance it has been receiving thus far. 

Laxative abuse is not resigned to people who use these drugs excessively to lose weight. You can also fall into this category if you use laxatives to experience regular bowel movements. In both cases they are being used to excess every single day, and in both cases the consequences can be horrific (13), leading to everything from severe electrolyte imbalances and a reliance on laxatives to defecate, to kidney damage. 

Laxative use and abuse can also:

  • Lead to Complications: Laxatives can be very dangerous if the patient has a bowel obstruction or any internal damage. 

  • Interact with Medications: These drugs can interact with a number of medications, including antibiotics and heart meds. 

  • Cause Cramping and Pain: It can send the bowel into spasms that leave the patient doubled-over in pain. 

  • Cause Nausea and Vomiting: Extreme nausea is very common during severe bouts of constipation that have been remedied with a stimulant laxative. 

  • Cause Bloating: Bloating is common with all laxatives, but it’s worse with laxatives that work by drawing water into the bowel. 

  • Can Cause Serious Side Effects: If you experience rectal bleeding, debilitating cramps, bloody stools or constipation that will still not shift, consult a doctor immediately.

** By reading this website, you acknowledge that you are responsible for your own health decisions. Do not take anything from any website, including this one, and try it without proper research and medical supervision. Any statements or claims about the possible health benefits conferred by any foods or supplements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) and are not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent or cure any disease.
This does not constitute medical advice. We are not qualified doctors. Detox Organics is not intended to cure any disease and if you are suffering from chronic cramps and constipation, then you should consult with a doctor.