Why You Need More Energy to Accomplish Your Goals 

Posted on January 05th, 2021

You know you are the generator in your life. The only energy in it comes from you. If you don’t believe me then spend a couple days sad, tired, or apathetic. What happens in your world? Everything slows down around you, and sometimes it may come to a stop completely. 

Now compare that visual when you feel energized, pumped, and full of life. You amaze yourself and the one’s around you by what you can accomplish- don’t you?

That means if you want to make changes this year and actually achieve those goals you have, then you have to treat your body as a highly efficient, super-powered, energy-generating machine. 

The One Thing You Need In Order To Accomplish This Years Goals

Think about the people you look up to or think of those people in the world you believe can accomplish anything. I’m willing to bet that they all have one thing in common. 

A ton of energy. 

When I see people I admire in my life, I’m always amazed at the energy they possess. They act like they could go all day without ever getting tired. They are positive, pumped up, and just alive.

How do they do that every day? 

Think about your typical day. What tasks do you have to do every day for yourself, your family, or your work? Unless you’re lucky enough to have a personal maid running around to abide by your every command, there are a lot of tasks you have to accomplish everyday. All those tasks require energy for you to finish. 

Just going through each day takes a good amount of fuel, so when you’re thinking about changing something or tackling new goals this year, we’re talking about needing even more energy. 

That’s what I mean when I say we are the generators constantly looking for ways to boost our power. 

Want to eat better this year? Work daily exercises into your life? Quit a bad habit? Publish a novel? Get healthier? 

Whatever goal you’re contemplating, there’s one thing you’re really going to need: ENERGY!

How To Be A Better Energy Generator

Are you already feeling exhausted? 

It’s ironic- the moment we think about the energy we’re going to need to accomplish anything, we get tired. 

The good news we can change that thinking, and here are 5 ways to get started. 

1. Take Care Of Yourself

This is the most important step. If your body is tired and you're stressed, nothing else you do will matter because your body will be performing at 50%. 

Here are some top tips for self-care:

  • Get at least 7 hours of sleep per night.
  • Exercise at least 30 minutes every day even if it's just going out for a walk. Moving and working your muscles generates a ton of energy!
  • Stretch your muscles daily. Tight muscles can cause pain and stiffness, which diminish your energy. 
  • Avoid fatty foods because they drain your energy and don’t give your body the proper nutrition. 
  • Fit in at least 10 minutes of “quiet-time” a day. This can let your brian rest and help you reset your day. 

2. Drop Your Need To Be Comfortable

Nothing feels better than wrapping up in a soft blanket sitting on the couch after a long day of work, or sleeping in on the weekends! 

The problem with that is we can become overly attached to that feeling of being safe and comfortable in our own worlds. We need this feeling often, but at the same time, we all have to be careful that these comfy feelings don’t sabotage our energy. 

If you get used to being too comfortable, you will slowly become afraid to step out of your comfort zone. This can affect your goals because some of them may require trying new things and getting out of your bubble. 

So be conscious of how often you become lazy and comfortable, and try to do something new each day. Switch up your routine, and don’t let your comfort zone get a strong grip on you.

3. Stay In The Present

One of the reasons you may feel less energized is because you imagine everything you have to do. Instead of focusing on one thing, your mind wanders to everything you have to accomplish the rest of the day or week. 

The very effective trick is shortening it up. Tell yourself you only have to write for five more minutes. You only have to walk another 50 steps. You only have to start this task. 

Whatever your facing, break it down into easy tasks so you don’t ever get too tired or overwhelmed. All you have to truly focus on is finding the energy to just get started. 90% of the time, once you start, the energy you need to finish will find you.  

If you already feel like you're doing most of these tips, then it’s time to try something new. Like I mentioned, one important energy booster is your daily nutrition. 

If you feel like you aren’t getting enough of a balanced diet, then try our Detox + Energy bundle. With it, our Daily Superfoods contain 25 organic superfoods that will nourish your body with super-nutrients. That way your body can get the balanced diet it needs to fuel your machine. 

Along with the Daily Superfoods, Daily Boost adds even more energy and is way more natural than any harmful energy drinks you consume. You will feel a gentle burst of organic energy that will stay with you all day. 

5. Most Importantly: It’s Up To You

One more piece of advice- if you’re not pumped up to accomplish your goals, then you may have to realize that you have the wrong goals. 

You have to be excited about what you’re getting energized to do. If you're not, then take a step back to go over your goals and make sure they truly resonate with you. You can always change your goals to seek out that spark inside of you.

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