What is Detoxing?

What is Detoxing?

Detoxing is something your body does each and every day and your liver is a huge component in doing this. The liver has many important functions in the body, all of which are vital to functioning properly.

Here are some of the major functions the liver does that lead itself to detoxing:

  • It cleanses the blood through metabolizing alcohol, pharmaceutical drugs, and neutralizes and destroys poisonous and harmful substances.
  • It produces bile, which goes on to aid in digestion and the elimination of harmful substances in the body.

On top of that, the liver regulates many functions that create optimal health for the body including:

  • It regulates hormones inside the body including sex hormones, adrenal hormones, and hormones for the thyroid.
  • It heavily regulates weight in the body through storing and exporting fat.
  • It produces, stores, and provides glucose for the body when needed.
  • It makes essential proteins in the body used for transporting substances in the blood and clotting.
  • It regulates cholesterol.

This is just a short list of how the liver works, but you can quickly see how essential it is for staying alive.

Your liver is a hard working organ, responsible for around 500 functions in the body, that needs to stay in top condition for you body to be running efficiently.

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It’s also essential in detoxing toxins from your body.

So why do we need to detox if our livers are already doing it?

Well let’s start with this question. We know fiber aids in digestion.

So do probiotics. If we are eating bad food, or the food we shouldn’t more often, we take the time to supplement with more fibrous foods and probiotics to help our bodies with the digestion process so it can be running efficiently.

Your body of course will digest without these things, but in aiding in the digestive process, your body is better able to do its job.

The same holds true for detoxing. With all of the toxins your body is exposed to on a daily basis, your liver could use the help!

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What toxins am I being exposed to?

Toxins are flooding into our environment from all around us every single day. Smog, car emissions, sprayed chemicals that make their way into our air, all enter into our bodies when we breathe.

We can also pick it up in our water, as it is subject to dumping, acid rain, and other leakage of unnatural chemicals that get flushed down the drain.

The foods you eat, every single day (unless you are 100% organic and in that case, GO YOU!) are laden with pesticides and herbicides. And that’s not just fresh produce.

That’s any food product like crackers, breads, sauces, dressings, and anything that’s manufactured, because unless the packages say organic, the starting ingredients were treated with pesticides and herbicides.

Often, meats and dairy products contain antibiotics and growth hormones.

Not to mention, the animals are fed the same plants with these pesticides and herbicides in them, unless you specifically purchase from farms and companies who make sure to carefully avoid these things.

Then there are the products that you use in your household, like cleaning products and air fresheners. All of which contain chemicals that are toxic, should not be ingested, and make their way into the air and onto our skin.

And don’t forget the plethora of hair, skin and nail products you go through each day.

Starting with your face wash, body soap, shaving cream, make up, contact solution, nail polish remover, lotion, perfume, after shave, acne cream, night creme, shampoo, deodorant ... see the point?

The production of health and beauty products is very loosely regulated with many controversial chemicals being used widely throughout the industry.

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How bad is it really?

To put it in perspective, a 2005 study (conducted by the Environmental Working Group and the Red Cross) looked at the umbilical cords of newborns and it showed that the average infant is being born with over 200 industrial chemicals and unnatural compounds in their blood.

How scary is that?

If that doesn’t show you just how much you are exposed chemicals to each day, that naturally do not occur or belong in the body, then calculate now many products you use daily that have 10+ ingredients in them and you’ll soon understand why detoxing is so necessary.

A few decades ago there were not as many products on the shelf, foods that were processed, or even as much pollution in our environment that there is today.

With the mounting number of chemicals that are being pushed into our bodies each day, the fact is your body could use the help detoxing.

How can I help my body detoxify?

Many plants contain natural detoxifying abilities by assisting in keeping the liver and digestive tract healthy, and providing your body with powerful antioxidants that help fight the toxins it faces every single day.

That’s why Detox Organics took over 17 months to create. This formula is a powerful combination of some of the most detoxifying foods in the world.

They are balanced and blended together to create a gentle, effective detoxing effect inside the body. These foods work with your liver to ease up the load of toxins and help get them out of your body.

Your liver will always work to get chemicals out, and if it’s bogged down doing that and overloaded, it may not be functioning in all of the other important areas it needs to be.

Every organ has a capacity. If your liver is at it’s limit everyday taking care of toxins in your body then it may not be working to the fullest on your digestion and this could lead to other problems in the body.

Your liver is also your largest fat regulating organ, and if it’s bogged down with toxins, it’s not able to effectively burn fat in your body.

So give your liver a break. Help it detox the overload of chemicals by providing it with the powerful detoxing plants needed to assist in cleaning out the body.


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