The Health Boosting Benefits of Chlorella

The Health Boosting Benefits of Chlorella

The Health Boosting Benefits of Chlorella

Posted on July 24th, 2020

In recent years, spirulina has gotten a lot of attention for its health benefits and its rich green color. But did you know that spirulina isn’t the only algae around that does wonders for your health? 

If you haven’t heard of chlorella, you are missing out! 

Chlorella is a green alga praised for nutrient contents and growing in popularity due to its numerous health benefits. In past decades, when growing concerns about population growth questioned the reliability of the food supply chain, chlorella was at

 the top of the list as a primary food source. 

Now only was chlorella relatively inexpensive to produce, but it was abundant and good for you too!

Today, chlorella is mostly grown in Japan and Taiwan and bought in the U.S. as a supplement – commonly in tablet or liquid form. 

A Highly Nutritious Superfood

As mentioned above, chlorella is extremely high in nutrients. With a nutritional profile impressive as this, it is no wonder it is considered a superfood. When it comes to nutrient value, the exact contents can vary depending on species and growing conditions. 

However, generally, you can expect chlorella to contain: 

  • Protein (up to 70%, making it a great option for vegans!)
  • Vitamins and Minerals
  • Vitamin B12
  • Vitamin C
  • Iron
  • Zinc
  • Copper
  • Potassium
  • Calcium
  • Folic Acid
  • Omega-3s
  • Fiber
  • Antioxidants

Helps Detox Your Body

Your body has its own natural detoxing system, but with as many toxins as you take into your body every day through the foods you eat, the products you use, and the air you breathe, your body could use a little help.

It isn't uncommon to consume animal products contaminated by dioxin, a hormone disrupter. Chlorella has been shown to lower dioxin in the body and enhance your body's natural detoxing ability. 

Chlorella can help aid your body detox toxins and heavy metals. This includes small particles of copper, lead, cadmium, and iron taken in from your environment. Over time, these heavy metals can build up and become toxic to your health. 

Some studies suggest chlorella can lower toxicity levels found in the kidneys, liver, and brain. 

Boosts the Immune System

Though complex, your immune system vital to your health, and you can take care of it through the foods you consume. When your immune system is strong, you are able to fight off viral and bacterial infections better. 

Studies have shown that chlorella has a positive effect on your immune system by boosting the production of antibodies, a protein your body produces to fight foreign viruses, bacteria, and substances. 

Reduces Chronic Inflammation

Chronic inflammation is a leading predecessor to disease, and one way to reduce the risk of disease is to reduce chronic inflammation. Chlorella has shown to help!

Chlorella components Lycopene and the Chlorella 11-peptide have been shown to help lower inflammatory enzymes, improve inflammatory markers in the blood, and decrease swelling in studies. 

Lowers Cholesterol and Supports Heart Health

Did you know that 1 in 3 Americans have high cholesterol? And that high cholesterol puts you at a greater risk for heart disease and stroke? If you want to lower your risk, you must start to lower your cholesterol. 

This is why chlorella has been shown to have positive benefits on cholesterol and heart health, as shown in a 2014 study published in Nutritional Journal. This study found that consuming 416 mg oh chlorella a day reduced LDL (bad cholesterol), triglycerides, and total cholesterol, while also raising HDL (good cholesterol).

Promotes Healthy Blood Pressure

As we learned from above, when you consume chlorella, you can lower cholesterol and promote heart health. This can then translate into helping you maintain normal blood pressure. 

A 2009 study shows that consuming chlorella daily can help lower blood pressure, while a more recent 2013 study shows that it has the ability to lessen stiffness in arteries. It is thought that by keeping the arteries from hardening, it has a positive effect on blood pressure.

Lowers Iron in Women Who are Pregnant

It is not uncommon for pregnant women to develop hypertension (high blood pressure) and anemia. Studies suggest the contents of chlorella, specifically vitamin B-12, folate, and iron, can help reduce blood pressure during pregnancy and improve anemia. 

If you are pregnant, check with your doctor before taking any supplements to ensure the health and safety of you and your unborn child. 

Possible Chlorella Side Effects and Interactions

For most people, chlorella is generally well-tolerated, and most people feel little if any side effects when they begin use. However, as with anything, a few people have reported some very mild side effects within the first few weeks of use, including: 

  • Flatulence
  • Green stools
  • Diarrhea
  • Nausea
  • Stomach cramps

These side effects generally subside as your body becomes accustomed to the new food. 

Allergic Reactions: Those who have an existing mold allergy should be cautious consuming chlorella. Some people who are allergic to mold have a higher risk of having an allergic reaction to chlorella. The same applies if you have an iodine allergy, as chlorella contains high amounts of iodine. If you are unsure, use a very small amount “test” against the skin and speak to your doctor first. 

Drug Interactions: Chlorella has been known to have possible drug interactions, so speak to your doctor before you begin taking a chlorella supplement. Common drug interactions include:

Best Way to Consume Chlorella

A daily dose of chlorella can have amazing effects on your health, including helping your body detox harmful toxins, boosting your immune system, reducing chronic inflammation, and supporting your overall health.

While the easiest way to consume chlorella may be through a daily capsule, this is not the best way to get the full benefits of this alga. 

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