Organic Chlorophyll

Organic Chlorophyll

Chlorophyll is a plant pigment that is essential for photosynthesis—basically sustaining life in plants. It’s also a nutrient that can benefit us humans and one that you will find in many superfoods, from leafy greens like kale, to antioxidant rich plants like matcha tea and beneficial algae like spirulina.

Chlorophyll, in a highly potent and organic form, is also one of the key ingredients in DetoxOrganics. But what are the benefits of chlorophyll, why should you consume it and will it really make a difference to your health and wellbeing?

Proven Benefits of Chlorophyll 

Helps to Fight Cancer

There is no magical cure for cancer and no amount of supplements can help you in that regard. However, there is an increasing amount of research out there that suggests a few key supplements, chlorophyll included, can help to limit the chances of it developing and may help the body fight back when it does.

One study, performed by the Linus Pauling Institute suggests that chlorophyll is effective at reducing DNA damage, thus limiting the risk of most cancers. We also know that diets rich in green vegetables and low in processed meat can reduce the risk of stomach and bowel cancer, with some suggesting that chlorophyll may be at least partially responsible for this.

Clears Toxins

The word “toxin” has been overused and incorrectly used in the supplement industry. Add the word “slim” and you have a recipe for success, and the sort of snake oil that millions of Americans will happily purchase. The truth is there is not a cluster of toxins waiting around in your body for a magical elixir—usually containing cayenne pepper and lemon juice— to eliminate. But consumption of supplements like chlorophyll may be able to help your liver get rid of these toxins naturally.

One study, conducted on a random group of Chinese adults at risk of liver disease, concluded that chlorophyll was both a safe and effective treatment for liver-related diseases and disorders, further validating the work of countless experts who have emphasized the importance of chlorophyll supplementation for optimum liver health.

It’s Loaded with Vitamins and Minerals 

Multivitamins are a quick and easy way to give your body the essential nutrients it needs to perform basic functions. But an increasing amount of research is suggesting that these synthetic vitamins may not work as well as everyone once thought. It’s not the vitamins that are at fault, it’s the method of ingestion, which means that you should always try to meet your RDA through whole foods and food supplements.

And for that, we can turn the spotlight back on chlorophyll, because this natural plant pigment is loaded with vitamins and minerals. It contains a hearty dose of vitamins A, C, E and K, as well as beta-carotene. It also contains magnesium, iron, potassium, calcium, essential fatty acids and antioxidants.

It is a multivitamin in natural form.

Improves Digestion

We all suffer from digestion problems at some time in our lives, whether it’s because we have adapted to a life that is more sedentary than we would like, or because our diets are—temporarily or otherwise—rich in protein, fat and sugar, but low in fiber.

But fear not, because chlorophyll may be able to reverse some of the damage and return some regularity.

It’s generally accepted that chlorophyll can help to reduce constipation and speed-up digestion, whether because it helps to balance fluid levels in the body or because it can hasten movement in the bowel.

Fill You Up

A 2014 study conducted by Lund University in Sweden found that chlorophyll could help to decrease feelings of hunger when consumed in conjunction with a diet high in carbohydrates. It can also help to prevent hypoglycemia in those already at risk.

This means that as well as reducing some of the risks associated with obesity, chlorophyll may also be able to treat and to prevent excessive weight gain. By limiting the body’s hunger hormones and increasing the uptake of those responsible for feelings of satiety, chlorophyll supplementation could be an essential component in any weight loss program.

After all, burning calories is only half the battle, you need to be able to abstain from further food binges in order to avoid putting the weight back on.

Why Organic Chlorophyll is Best

There isn’t a huge step up in potency when you opt for the organic version of chlorophyll, but there are other key differences. Firstly, organic means that it has not been obtained from plants treated with pesticides and other harmful chemicals that can damage the structure of the chlorophyll. Secondly, it is an assurance that no chemicals have been used to process the chlorophyll, nor have they been added to it after the extraction process.

If you value your health and are concerned about the integrity of the food and supplement industry, organic supplements—and, where possible, organic foods—are a must.


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