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New Improved Daily Superfoods Formula

New Improved Formula

Have you noticed something different about Detox Organics? It’s not just the new more eco-friendly packaging that has improved. Detox Organics was a product of 17 months of testing and tweaking to get the perfect taste. But if you take a look at the new back panel you’ll notice a few tweaks that make this chocolate superfoods even more super.

More Protein

The new formula is sporting just a little more protein! With an added gram per serving, those who are looking to add in extra protein anywhere will appreciate this new addition. Protein will help keep you fuller for longer when adding it to the superfoods and an extra gram of protein makes this superfood a little more filling.

More Chocolate

Yes, it’s got more chocolate! Just when you thought it couldn’t be done, we did it. With more chocolate now used in the formula, you’ll be sure to notice a richer chocolate taste when enjoying this superfood drink. This is also an added bonus for those who use this supplement to flavor recipes. The chocolate flavor will now come through more pronounced when using it as a sweetener in your desserts.

Daily Superfoods Chocolate Drink

Less Sugar

Even with the new richer chocolate taste, the sugar per serving has dropped. With sugar hiding in almost every box, bag and jar in the grocery store it’s always good to cut sugar when possible. The new formula now has less than 1g of sugar per serving! You can feel good about this sweet treat knowing you’re not overdoing it on sugar.

Less Sodium

The sodium content in the new formula went from 40mg per serving down to 25mg per serving. This is great for those who want to watch how much salt they take in each day. There is enough sodium lurking in your prepared foods so it’s great to cut back anywhere possible!

Full Herb

Our classic Detox Organics formula used herbal extracts to help boost the nutritional content of the formula and now the new formula has upgraded to a full herb profile! You may even notice it in the texture of the mixed Detox Organics with it’s fuller, smoother mouthfeel.

Daily Superfoods Herbs

Common Questions on Using the New Formula:

Q: Will the new formula affect the overall taste of Detox Organics?
A: The new formula has a richer chocolate flavor which people are loving as it tastes more like you’re enjoying a dessert than eating 25 superfoods that a great for your health.

Q: How will the new formula do in recipes?
A: You can use the new Detox Organics formula in any of our recommended recipes just like the classic formula. It bakes and mixes the same as before. So keep enjoying all the fun recipes Detox Organics is used in.

Q: Will the new bag keep the superfoods as fresh?
A: Yes! The new bag seals tightly and will keep your superfoods just as fresh. The added bonus is that you can gently press the air out of it each time you close it to keep it even fresher than before.

Q: What if I don’t like the new bag?
A: Go ahead and transfer Detox Organics to a glass canister with the scoop if you want to use a more traditional container like it was in before. Or save your old Detox Organics tub and recycle it as a container to transfer the new Detox Organics bag into. Just don’t forget to use the new scoop!

Q: Can I use the new Detox Organics formula as a meal replacement/weight loss shake?
A: Yes, the new formula is perfect for that. It’s a little more calorie-dense and will keep you fuller for longer when mixed with a high-quality protein like our New Daily Vegan Vanilla Protein and your favorite non-dairy milk. Make sure you add enough protein and even a frozen banana if needed to meet your caloric needs for a full clean and healthy meal.

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