How to Eat a Plant-Based Diet on the Go

How to Eat a Plant-Based Diet on the Go

How to Eat a Plant-Based Diet on the Go

Posted on August 31, 2020

Plant-based diets are becoming more and more popular, but what does it really mean? Plant-based traditionally is used to describe a diet that is centered on all foods that come from plants. Often these diets leave out meat, dairy, and any animal products. However, not all people who eat plant-based abstain from animal products completely, which is why it's not the same as a vegan diet. Some people may still consider themselves plant-based if most of their meals are made of plants with only a small amount of meat and dairy added sparingly to their overall diet. 


People go plant-based because it tends to be a little more lenient with what you can eat, and there isn't one strict definition. Instead, people use it to help themselves consume more plants and, in turn, become healthier. 


One of the challenges of eating a plant-based diet is finding plant-based meals when you're on the go. Instead of being caught off guard, you can use the following tips and tricks to eat plant-based on the go or when you are in a rush and can't eat at home.

Meal Prep with Easy Meals

Meal prepping is a great way to make sure you have meals ready to go whether you are eating home or on the go. Batch cooking foods and dividing them into containers that you pack up and take with you to work or when you’re on the run is an easy way to always be prepared. One of the biggest advantages of meal prepping is how much time you save. Instead of prepping your foods and then cooking them at each individual meal, you cook a huge batch of several foods and then divide them up to eat as meals later on. 


One good way to not become bored with the same foods throughout the week is to use a variety of spices on your foods as you prepare them. For example, if you have an entire tray of roasting veggies, you can season half of them with lemon garlic and a half with pepper and sea salt and olive oil. 

Foods To Consider In Your Meals

Fruits - Fruits are a great addition to any meal if you have a sweet tooth. One healthy reminder is to eat the whole fruit, including the skin if it's edible. This way, you get all the fiber, along with additional vitamins and minerals. Hard skins and rind foods like bananas, oranges, and apples travel much better than soft-skinned fruits and are easy to throw in your bag for snacks.


Veggies - Here is where plant-based eating shines the most! Veggies are a healthy backbone for a plant-based diet. They are power-packed with nutrients and easy to meal prep. 


Tubers - Potatoes are filling and plant-based foods that travel well. While there are many types of potatoes, most people are more familiar with white potatoes or sweet potatoes. While both are filling, sweet potatoes are very versatile for those with a sweet tooth. 


Potatoes are great because they can be cooked ahead of time and easily warmed back up. Potatoes also have a variety of ways you can cook them to keep it exciting. Try mashing potatoes, baking potatoes, and even diced seasoned roasted potatoes. 


Legumes - Legumes are another very versatile category of starch with a small amount of protein in them. Legumes include most of your beans, peas, and lentils. While there are various ways to enjoy them, they make a great base for a meal and can be seasoned in many ways. 


For example, chili powder, garlic, salt, red pepper, paprika, and cumin can add some spice to mild flavored beans. Chickpeas are delicious sauteed in coconut aminos and ginger. Turn them into soups, bowls, or even sauteed with veggies, and you have some very hearty and easy to take along meals.


Whole Grains - Choosing healthy grains is easy if you choose whole grains that are not bleached or paired with a bunch of processed sugars. Oats and sprouted wheat breads are closer to the plant's natural form and offer fiber, as well as other vitamins and nutrients. Easy to make breakfasts, like overnight oats that you can set and forget until the morning, are great to take on the go with you. Top with dried fruits, almond butter, or even nuts or berries for flavor.


Nuts and Seeds - This category of foods are usually high in healthy fats and are great snacks or toppings to meals. A version of overnight oats you can make with chia seeds is called chia pudding, and you can put in the same toppings to flavor it differently each day.

Decide on a Protein Source

Proteins are an essential part of your diet, and when eating plant-based, you have to be more mindful of the sources you choose. When appropriately combined, plants can form the complete proteins that our bodies can use to build muscle and meet all of your body's protein needs. 


Think of combinations like rice, beans, and fermented tofu. Together these foods can help you get adequate protein and ease digestion. Quinoa and legumes are also great protein sources to add to your diet. Nuts even have a small amount of protein, and in a plant-based diet, every little bit helps. 


One of the simplest ways to make sure you're getting enough protein is to take a protein supplement each day. Choose something with organic protein sources that are free from artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. Detox Organics Daily Protein is a delicious vanilla protein powder that mixes well with almost anything to help reach your daily protein requirements.

Don’t Forget Your Health Fats

So many people fear fats and try to avoid them, but eating a variety of healthy fats is actually pretty amazing for your body. The key is to stay away from processed fats like margins and highly volatile canola or vegetable oils. 


Instead, try topping meals with avocados, nuts, and seeds for flavor, or cook your foods in coconut or extra virgin olive oil. This is an easy way to get in healthy fats in meals without much effort. You can cook your potatoes, vegetables, and legumes in healthy oils to get more flavor and added nutrients.

Add Some Veggies

Veggies are abundant all year round, and when they are not in season, they can often be found in the frozen section. Frozen veggies are flash-frozen at the peak of ripeness and are a good option for keeping a variety of veggies in your house at any one time. 


Don’t just stick to the starches and grains. Remember to pack in an abundance of vegetables for their amazing antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. It’s easy to forget to eat your greens, but be sure when eating a plant-based diet to include them at every meal. And remember, not all veggies are green. You can eat the rainbow for a balanced diet. Add beets, carrots, yellow squash, cucumber, broccoli, purple carrot, cauliflower, etc. 

When in Doubt, Pack a Smoothie

A good meal prep option is a meal replacement smoothie, where you can easily incorporate Detox Organics Daily Protein and Daily Superfoods for both protein and a ton of powerful plants to fuel your body and give you energy. 


The simplest smoothie starts with a protein base and a superfoods supplement to help pack in all the nutrition possible. Just add a scoop of both to coconut, almond, or cashew milk. Shake and enjoy! Blend in half of a banana and a handful of frozen spinach and berries to create a more filling shake.

Don’t Forget to Pack a Snack!

You don’t need a full meal all the time when on the go. Sometimes you’ll just want a snack to get you through between meals. Grab a piece of fruit, a snack bag full of nuts, or just a simple shake to hold you over. If you don’t want to drink it right away, you can put the milk substitute (or even water) into a shaker and the protein and superfoods in a separate container for travel. Add them together when you’re ready for a snack.


Don’t think that every time you eat on the run, it has to be a full meal. Sometimes a snack will do the trick!

Tips for “Last-Minute” Plant-Based Meals While On-The-Go

Life gets busy, and that means sometimes we find we have to rush. If you are running late, trying to throw together a healthy meal can be a challenge for anyone. Plant-based eaters often eat a lot of fresh foods, and sometimes that can take some planning, but that doesn't mean there aren't great options for quick meal options. 


Grab a steamer bag of veggies, a microwave bag of rice, and throw in some seasoning to make a quick, last-minute meal. Pack it all into a Tupperware container and warm it up when you're ready to enjoy it. 


Another simple yet nutritious meal is a shake. These are truly something that takes less than 3 minutes to throw together. First, start with a plant-based protein that will help you feel fuller, longer. Then add Detox Organics Daily Superfoods, so you know you're getting a variety of veggies in one scoop. The chocolate superfoods add a delicious chocolate shake flavor and make drinking your snack feel like enjoying a milkshake! Just add almond, cashew or coconut milk and shake together with some ice for an enjoyable, and healthy and filling meal on the go.

Stopping by a Restaurant

With our culture becoming more health-conscious, you might just see more and more local restaurants offering more plant-based options. One good place to start is with the salads or sides. When in doubt, ask your server to help you find healthier, plant-based options. 

Going Through a Drive Through

Just like eating in a restaurant, you’ll want to look up the side options and find out what salads, veggies, and other starches are available. The best way to be successful in the drive-through would be to look up the menu before going. Places like Boston Market, Taco Bell, and even Burger King are offering plant-based options. While it’s great in a pinch, these are still not the healthiest versions of these foods and should be eaten in moderation. 

Make Things Easy With Detox Organics!

Take and go supplements like protein and superfoods are a great way to travel with plant-based health foods that can help you eat healthy on the go. Be prepared by meal prepping, knowing what restaurants offer the best plant-based options, and travel with protein and superfood supplements that will help you eat plant-based with just a cup of water to shake it together! 

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