How to curb late night cravings & stay on track

How to curb late night cravings & stay on track

How To Curb LATE NIGHT CRAVINGS & Stay On Track

Posted on August 19, 2020

We all do it.


I’m talking about that late-night cheat – that indulge-your-craving-snack-attack that alwaysseems to make us forget about our goals.


That is, until after we’ve fed the craving. Then, we are left with guilt, shame, and no way to turnback the clock and undo our mistake.


We all do it. We get cravings, either because we’re bored or perhaps we are feeling a bitemotional, and we go to the cupboard in search of a fix.


Chances are when you finally find that treat to satisfy your craving, you haven’t made a healthychoice. Instead, you grabbed the easiest, most convenient food you had in your fridge orcupboard and started munching down on it.


Then, you feel good while you eat it, but the moment you finish, you are hit with that guilt andshame, knowing you just sabotaged all the healthy work you put in throughout the day.


This has to stop.


Here’s how you can snack late at night, satisfy those cravings and NOT feel guilty about it later.

How to Curb the Cravings, Fix the Appetite, AND Stay on Track!

Chances are when those late-night cravings hit you want something sweet to much on. Luckily,you can satisfy this late-night sweet craving with an easy, convenient, and super healthy recipe!


Next time you feel a craving hit, don’t reach for the processed, unhealthy snack that is full ofsugar. Instead, try this delicious, easy snack that with curb any late-night craving.



•  Unsweetened Coconut Yogurt 
• 1 serving of Detox Organics Daily Superfoods 
• Handful of blueberries 
• 1 tablespoon of dark chocolate (min. 70%)

Mix your ingredients together for a healthy snack packed full of nutrients, and over 25 raw,organic superfoods aimed at helping you ease digestion, lose more weight, and stay energized.Traditional green supplements smell and taste like a barn, but with Detox Organics DailySuperfoods , all you taste is chocolate. It is so good, and when you mix it with yogurt, it tastesjust like chocolate pudding, making this the perfect snack to satisfy all you sweet-tooth.


When you add those blueberries in on top of the Chocolate Superfoods, we dare to take on anysweet-tooth. Plus, you get a healthy dose of anti-oxidants without.


If you want to kick things up a notch, add some dark chocolate chips that are at least 70%cocoa. Just be sure you are limiting the amount you add if you want to stick to your goals.


This means that you should NOT eat half the bag no matter how good these chocolate chipsare.


Try this recipe for yourself next time you are feeling a late-night craving attack. This chocolatesnack is to die for and unbelievably healthy!


We all are hit with late-night cravings, and that is ok!


With this recipe and these ingredients, you can stay healthy, stay on track, and finally let go ofthe guilt. Get your own bag of Detox Organics Daily Superfoods today so you can stay on trackand stay healthy!

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