Detoxing Superfood: Beets

Detoxing Superfood: Beets

Beets are a powerful food that not only pack powerful antioxidants, but also nutrients that heal and help the liver do the very important job of getting toxins out of our bodies.

But consuming by beets, you can get all the powerful detoxing effects, as well as other health benefits they offer. This is exactly the reason why beets are included in our very own "Daily Superfoods" Formula.

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It's not only packed with iron, calcium, and other B vitamins, it also offers other nutrients your body uses in everyday functions.

Beets and antioxidants

The high levels of Vitamin C make beets a powerful antioxidant inside the body, assisting in immune health support.

The Manganese is an antioxidant that helps protect the skin and can help protect your cells from damage.

Beets for development and maintenance

Beets are great for pregnant women who need the folic acid for a developing fetus. Folic acid is essential in the healthy development of infants inside the womb.

Folic acid assists in the healthy development of the spinal cord and brain. In adults, folic acid helps develop new healthy cells and maintain existing ones.

Beets have been known to lower bad cholesterol and raise good cholesterol in the body. It also helps with prevention of free radicals in LDL.

This means that your body is getting more of the cholesterol that is essential and healthy for you while lowering the type that puts you at risk for heart disease.

Beets and detoxing the liver

Specifically on the liver and detoxing, beets have a very important role. The betaine found in beets encourages your liver to rid the body of toxins. It also helps defend the body’s bile ducts which are essential when it comes to assisting in healthy digestion.

Bile also keeps the liver running properly. Beets thin the bile in your liver and allow it to flow more freely and keep it moving through the small intestine, assisting in the digestions process.

Other digestive help that has been provide is through the fiber that moves through the digestive tract itself. Beets have been used to help with constipation and diarrhea.

Glutathione is a natural substance produced by the body.

The consumption of beets can actually increase the body's production of glutathione and it is used by almost every cell in the body to remove toxins, including the colon where it pulls out the toxins and flushes them out of the body.

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Beets have been linked to the actual healing of the liver. Pectin, the fiber found in beets, assists in the sweeping of toxins out of the liver and out of the body instead of being reabsorbed into your system.

How to easily get beets into your diet

There are many ways to incorporate beets into your diet. Cook beets with the skin in tact to preserve vital nutrients in the root. Beets can be grated into salads and sauces, or just roasted and served as a side.

Baking, steaming or blanching beets are all great ways to prepare them. Juicing beets is another way to get the nutrients from them, although you’ll be missing out on the beneficial fiber.

Beets have a very pungent flavor and for those of you who have to force themselves to get them down, using a supplement like  Detox Organics is a easier, and much tastier way of getting the benefits without the struggle.

Beet Root is a main ingredient in Detox Organics and because it’s in the raw form, it retains all of the beneficial components of eating the actual beet itself.

Of course getting a little extra in and learning to enjoy them is best, but supplementing with them is the next best thing.

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