6 Surprising Health Benefits of Cayenne Pepper

6 Surprising Health Benefits of Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne pepper can add a little heat to your food and bite to your smoothie, but there is much more to this spice than that. There are many surprising health benefits to this common ingredient and by the time you finish reading this guide you’ll want to add it to everything you eat.

We included this amazing substance as part of our digestive support matrix in DetoxOrganics, and we did this because during the research and development process we looked at hundreds of ingredients, read thousands of studies, and discovered that cayenne pepper was simply one of the most underused, under appreciated and truly beneficial ingredients out there.

Not convinced? Checkout these amazing cayenne pepper health benefits and see if we can change your mind.

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It Can Help you to Lose Weight

There are two ways in which cayenne pepper may be able to help you drop some pounds.

Firstly, it may help to boost your metabolism. Capsaicin, the compound that makes pepper hot, increases total energy expenditure, which means it boosts your metabolism.

It can also promote the oxidation of fat, which will further boost the fat loss potential of this compound.

The second way that cayenne pepper can assist with weight loss has to do with its ability to control hunger.

Studies have repeatedly shown that consumption of this pepper helps to prolong feelings of fullness, which in turn will limit the amount of food that you consume over the course of the day.

It is thought to do this by suppressing the releasee of the hunger hormone ghrelin. The more full you feel, the less calories you will consume and the less tempted you will be by high-energy foods like sugar.

This, in combination with the fat oxidation effects of cayenne pepper and the increased energy expenditure could help you to drop several extra pounds of fat a month.

Aids with Digestion

There are many ways that cayenne pepper can help to improve your gastrointestinal health, with is why it made it into our digestive support complex.

It can play an important role in the treatment and prevention of gastric ulcers, even though there is a common belief that it actually triggers or worsens this condition.

Cayenne pepper can also help to support the body in the fight against infections, while providing support for the production of enzymes that the body uses to breakdown fats.

There is also a lot of anecdotal evidence support the benefits of cayenne pepper in the treatment of constipation, flatulence and other digestive distress.

Is a Mild Analgesic

Capsaicin is often found in skin creams prescribed for the treatment of muscular pain, and this is about much more than its ability to stimulate feelings of warmth.

It also works when taken by mouth as it triggers the release of endorphins, a chemical that the brain releases as a natural painkiller.

This release of feel-good endorphins can reduce joint, muscle and even nerve pain and may be at their most powerful when used in combination with anti-inflammatory medications or when used to treat mild pain.

There is also a lot of anecdotal evidence supporting the use of capsaicin in the treatment of recurring migraines and headaches.

This may also be down to the way that this compound stimulates the release of endorphins, but more research is currently being conducted in that field and we should be seeing some very interesting results very soon.

May Help Reduce Your Chances of Getting Cancer

The field of cancer research is one of the most extensive in medical science.

There are thousands of compounds being tested at any given time, dozens of which are natural foods and extracts that are showing many positive results and one of those is cayenne pepper.

Studies on human cancers using cayenne pepper extracts have been very positive, with cayenne showing signs of slowing cancer growth and even killing the cancer cells in some of the world’s deadliest cancers.

So far, these studies have only been conducted in the laboratory, as well as a few animal studies.

But it bodes well for the future and as part of a healthy diet it could reduce your chances of getting the Big C.

Lowers Blood Pressure

Research has found multiple links between consumption of cayenne pepper and capsaicin extracts and reduced rates of high blood pressure.

One animal study found it to have a direct positive impact on high blood pressure while another found positive results with regards to vascular health.

Tens of millions of Americans suffer from high blood pressure, and millions more are at risk.

If you are above the age of 30 then there is a 40% to 50% chance you will suffer from this condition.

There are many medications to cure hypertension, but they all cause side effects, which is why ingredients like cayenne pepper could be the answer that America has been waiting for.

Fights Cold and Flu

Cayenne pepper is nutrient dense, with antioxidants and other vitamins that can reduce your chances of getting a cold or flu and potentially help you to clear them if you do get them.

It can break-up the mucus, helping the body to expel it quickly and improving your chances of fighting it.

Of course, there is no cure for the cold or the flu, but ingredients like this can hasten the process at which your body gets rid of these infections while making you feel better while you have them.

The fact that cayenne pepper increases your body temperature and energy expenditure will also lead to more sweating, which in turn could help to expel the virus quicker while forcing your immune system to work that little bit harder.

In Conclusion

There is one simple conclusion to this: consume more cayenne pepper.

It’s an easy spice to add to your daily diet, especially if you like a little heat. But it’s important to note that while there are many potential health benefits, you can’t survive on a single substance and it won’t offset a bad diet.

You need to eat healthily, consume plenty of other superfoods, drink plenty of water and take as many beneficial plant-based supplements as you can.

In fact, the reason we created DetoxOrganics is so you could consume all of these things in a once-a-day drink—it’s the healthy convenience your body has been crying out for.

Buy your own supply of DetoxOrganics today and take advantage of our bulk savings with this twin pack.

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