10 Essential Weight-Loss Foods and Supplements You Need in Your Diet

10 Essential Weight-Loss Foods and Supplements You Need in Your Diet

There is no single official definition of what a superfood is. A superfood is merely a nutrient-dense food that provides an abundance of vitamins, minerals and, in some cases, antioxidants.

It’s a umbrella-term that includes everything from eggs and certain types of fish, to vegetables.

But let’s narrow that definition for a moment and focus only on the foods that really are “super”, the foods that have been shown to provide a number of health benefits and to contain a plethora of healthy compounds.

If we do that, and we emphasize the ones shown to increase fat loss, then these 10 weight-loss superfoods are the cream that quickly rises to the top.

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10. Apples

An apple a day could keep the doctor and the weight gains at bay, because this filling fruit is packed with healthy fiber and could have a positive effect on your health.

Apples may help to reduce the risk of diabetes (1) and other disorders connected to obesity. They are filling, consisting mostly of water, carbs and fiber, and are known to promote feelings of satiety.

In other words, an apple can fill you up and prevent junk food cravings.

Studies show that adding apples to your diet can help with weight loss (2) and these effects are particularly noteworthy in overweight women (3).

This popular fruit is also full of vitamins and minerals, it measures low on the glycemic index, it’s cheap and widely available, and it tastes great.

There are also fewer than 100 calories in an average sized apple, yet it’s enough to give you a fifth of your RDA of fiber.

9. Dandelion Root

Dandelion Root Weight Loss

We included organic dandelion root in our Detox Organics formula because we genuinely believe that it is one of the best superfoods out there right now, and we’re not alone in that belief.

Dandelion root has been at the heart of many exciting health studies regarding its effects on water retention and its potential as a weight loss drug (4).

It can help to decrease excess water weight while (potentially) burning fat at the same time.

It is also a potent superfood. In the Mediterranean they eat dandelion greens with lemon and oil and while this dish is an acquired taste that doesn’t really suit American tastebuds, the superfood at the heart of it certainly does.

8. Chlorella

This is one of the best plant-based superfoods is the world. It is loaded with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and omega-3s, and it is also a fantastic source of both protein and fiber.

If there was ever a substance deserving of the “superfood” status, it was this.

There are a number of ways in which chlorella supplementation can help you to lose weight, which is why we included it in Detox Organics. Several of these are connected to its high-protein content:

Protein burns more calories during metabolization than other macronutrients and a high protein diet is known to aid weight-loss (5).

It reduces hunger compared to other macros (6). It can help to support age related disease, including muscle wastage. (7).

7. Green Tea

Green Tea Weight Loss

Regardless of what you think about caffeine, there are a few indisputable facts: it can help to boost your metabolism and increase fat burning, and it’s only unhealthy if it is abused or you are sensitive/allergic to it.

If we combine these two things then it’s safe to assume that small amounts of caffeine can be both effective and safe, and if those small amounts come with additional benefits then it’s even better. That’s why green tea is such a great weight loss tool.

It contains unique antioxidants that can support overall health and well-being, and it also contains the perfect natural dose of caffeine, giving you the benefits without the side effects.

6. Cayenne Pepper

This common spice seems to rear its head in every major celebrity inspired diet, including The Master Cleanse. It’s not considered to be a nutrient-rich superfood, but it really should be.

10 grams of cayenne pepper contains just 35 calories, but it also contains nearly 100% of your RDA of vitamin A, as well as a tenth or more of vitamins E, C, B6 and K.

It has also shown to be very effective at reducing appetite and calorie intake (8) and can lower blood pressure too.

What’s more, cayenne pepper is very easy to add to your diet. If you love spicy foods just sprinkle a little of it on one or two meals a day or add it to smoothies.

5. Kale

Kale Weight Loss

Kale contains compounds known as thylakoids, which are present in all leafy greens but are at their most abundant in kale.

These compounds have shown to be very effective at regulating bodyweight during animal studies (9) and kale is also great for suppressing appetite and making you feel fuller for longer.

4. Spinach

Thylakoids are also present in spinach, a healthy leafy green that also possess an abundance of vitamins and minerals.

Greens like kale and spinach are also great sources of protein, and as discussed above a high-protein diet can also help to promote weight-loss.

3. Oats

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and they’re not wrong.

You need a big breakfast to keep you satiated and to sustain you, and when that breakfast consists of protein and slow-burning carbs then you may snack less throughout the day.

This is why oats are a true weight-loss superfood. A breakfast rich in oats can keep you fuller for longer, helping you to avoid energy crashes (10). But there is more to this wonderful grain than that.

Oats are also very high in many minerals and vitamins, including magnesium and manganese.

They are loaded with antioxidants, amino acids and soluble fibers, helping to protect your body against free radical damage and to reduce the risk of heart disease.

2. Almonds

Almonds Weight Loss

You probably didn’t expect to see a nut on this list. After all, nuts are high in fat and are very calorific, with just handful taking several hundred calories of your daily allowance.

But time and again research has shown that a diet rich in nuts like almonds can result in weight loss and a number of health benefits (11).

Some of this may be down to the fact that you’re not actually consuming as many calories as you think. Nuts are very dense and even after chewing there are small chunks that don’t get broken down or properly digested.

This is not taken into account when foods are checked for their calorie content, and it means you’ll get fewer calories than you think unless you’re grinding them to a pulp before consuming.

But there is more to it than that. Nuts also contain essential fats and nutrients that help to support an array of bodily processes, keeping you at optimum health and ensuring your metabolism is working as well as it can.

1. Grapefruit

Grapefruit is a truly miraculous fruit, but it’s not without its problems. It can be dangerous consuming grapefruit on certain medications and with certain disorders, and it is also somewhat of an acquired taste.

On balance though, this is a true weight-loss superfood. One of the most exciting studies concerning its weight-loss potential was conducted on mice.

Researchers gave the rodents a high fat diet, with one group consuming grapefruit juice and the other consuming water. Despite the additional calories, they found that the grapefruit juice group gained significantly less weight (12).

There have also been similar studies on humans, and the benefits seem to be at their highest when this fruit (or its juice) is consumed by overweight individuals.

Weight Loss Superfoods and You

All of these foods are good for you, but there are many more out there. The most important thing to remember is that a healthy diet is a balanced diet, and you shouldn’t eat or drink anything to excess.

If you want to eat well, focus on healthy foods you have access to, make sure you consume a balance of macronutrients, and supplement with a superfood mix like Detox Organics to fill the gaps in your micronutrient profile.

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