It is no secret that your emotions can lead to bad nutrition habits. Certain foods can make us temporarily feel good, and so when we stress, we reach for a sweet treat to make us feel better.

Emotional distress and anxiety are something we all experience from time to time, and even the healthiest among us have, at one time or another, given in to those temptations. Sugary and processed foods have a way of making us feel good at that moment because of what they are made out of. Sugar triggers our reward system in the brain, and many of the chemicals and ingredients found in processed foods are designed to work the same way. While these made us feel better in the short-term, they can have lasting negative effects on our health.

Eating a bit of sugar once in a while, or giving into a treat that isn’t good for you isn’t the issue. The problem is when you begin to emotionally eat, and this emotional eating interferes with your health and becomes your main coping mechanism for dealing with emotions, good or bad.

Are you someone that eats to feel emotionally better or to relieve anxiety and stress? Is your emotional eating stopping you from reaching your nutritional goals? Do you turn to a pint of ice cream when you are upset? Order a pizza when you are bored? Use food as a reward when something good happens? Do you eat when you are not hungry or continue to eat once you are full?

If it is, you are not alone.

For people who want to change their nutritional habits and lead a healthier life, the challenge of overcoming emotional eating can be a real challenge.

When you emotionally eat, you deal with a number of obstacles that you must overcome, including:

• Defeating cravings
• Identifying triggers
• Developing healthier habits
• Finding better food alternatives

Emotional distress can start a dangerous cycle, but solving the problem may be easier than you may think.


The reason emotional eating is so difficult to overcome is that it happens on a cycle. You are emotionally triggered, which leads you to eat. When you eat, you eat unhealthy foods in large amounts. This can lead to fatigue, bloating, cramping, inflammation, poor health, and, more importantly, feelings of guilt, and unhappiness.

These feelings of guilt and unhappiness, along with the physical feelings of overall unwellness, can lead you to eat more, leaving you on this perpetual cycle of trying to heal yourself through overeating processed and sugary foods.

One of the biggest and most powerful triggers of emotional eating is stress, so it is no wonder so many people struggle with getting their eating habits under control and taking back their nutrition.

We already live in a stressful, fast-paced world that constantly demands more of each of us. Now, there is the added stress that the recent COVID-19 has placed on us, and between the uncertainty of the virus, economic struggles many of us are facing, and the stay at home orders many of us have been under, the stress is greater than ever.

Stress is a major trigger for most people, and it isn’t because we have developed bad habits. Chronic stress leads to increased cortisol levels, and it is these increased levels of cortisol that trigger our cravings for something sweet, salty, or fried – or the comfort foods that make us feel better in the short-term.

This added stress has many of us struggling with our nutrition as we turn to food to deal with the added pressure of current anxieties, mixed with the growing boredom of remaining at home.

This is a bad combination, but not one that can’t be overcome.


If you are looking to develop healthier eating habits, yet struggle with emotional eating, there are two ways to get through your stress eating.

The first is to get rid of stress.

Unfortunately, that is easier said than done, and with the COVID-19 pandemic continuing to impact the world, we may all be under added stress for a while.

Fortunately, the second way we can control our emotional eating is by changing the foods we are consuming and recognizing when we are triggered.

Our health matters more than ever right now, and it starts with your nutrition, but if your stress and anxiety are preventing you from reaching your health goals due to emotional eating, then your goal is to curb this emotional response.

Learn Your Triggers

Right now, you may have many situations in your life that may be triggering emotional eating. Perhaps you are struggling financially right now, or are feeling the added stress of having the kids home from school. Maybe you are bored from staying inside and are using food to keep yourself occupied.

Whatever is causing you to eat, learn to identify what your specific triggers are, so when they happen, you are ready to face them.

Learn to Recognize Hunger Signals

The food you put in your body should be used as fuel, not as a source of entertainment, or to quell your emotional distress.

Sometimes when we are stressed or feel anxious, we may confuse these feelings and cravings with hunger when, in reality, you are not truly hungry.

Give yourself a moment of pause. Drink some water and wait. If you are still hungry in 15 minutes, let yourself have a healthy snack.

Find Healthy Alternatives – Like Detox Organics Daily Superfood

If you do choose to eat, be sure what you are eating is healthy. Choose a snack that will both fuel your body and satisfy that sweet craving.

Detox Organics Daily Superfood is the best place to start if you want to improve your nutrition, support long term health, and satisfy any cravings that may be coming from your emotional distress.

When you include a daily dose of organic superfoods into your diet, you support your overall health in a three-phase system that helps your body detox, gain more energy, and, above all, reduce inflammation.

Stress and raised cortisol levels don’t just make you want to turn to food for comfort; it also increases your inflammation. This increased inflammation can become chronic, which is also one of the leading causes of disease.

Detox Organics Daily Superfood was carefully crafted to create a nutritional base for your healthier lifestyle.

The best part of this supplement is that it is the perfect alternative to the processed foods and sugar that are the typical go-to when cravings hit. Detox Organics Daily Superfood is a chocolate superfood made with 25 raw, organic fruits and veggies that will satisfy your sweet tooth without any artificial ingredients, sweeteners, or guilt.

There are several ways you can consume these chocolate superfoods, including adding a scoop to almond or coconut milk, your favorite yogurt, or through a delicious Detox Organics Recipe.


You are in control of your health, and you can’t let the stress of life or COVID-19 determine your nutrition.

Right now, your health is the most important thing you have, and you’re only protection against the virus and illnesses that may come with age.

You can protect your health by learning to control your emotional eating and including a daily dose of Detox Organics Daily Superfoods into your diet. Learn what your triggers are, how to recognize when you are truly hungry, and find an alternative in Detox Organics Daily Superfoods with delicious recipes you don’t have to feel bad about giving into.

Order your tub today and get started on your nutritional goals.

Daily Superfoods

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How to Stop Stress Eating

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