When you hear “fall foods”, what comes to mind? Pumpkin pie? Gravy? Stews, pot roast, or turkey?

Whatever foods come to your mind, chances are that healthy foods don’t make that list.

But they should: The right foods can help you shed pounds, and autumn’s produce is no exception.

And with the right combination of fruits, vegetables, plants, and herbs in your daily diet, you can quickly see that pesky belly fat go away and watch the weight literally fall off your body.

When it comes to losing weight, a big challenge for many people is what they put on their plates. I know it’s hard to give up dessert, greasy foods, cheesy goodness, or a quick bite at a fast-food restaurant.

And, well, when the holidays roll around, all bets are off.


Belly fat can be an indication of an increased risk of diabetes, heart diseases, and other complications.

A lot of people struggle to lose the pesky fat that refuses to leave our bellies and, especially now with quarantining, our lifestyles are becoming more and more sedentary and our waistlines can only be expected to increase.

If you’ve been trying to lose weight, then you may have to realize it doesn’t matter how many crunches you do every day…

It’s about eating healthy with a combination of fruits, vegetables, plants, and herbs.

There are some healthy foods that have natural belly fat burning abilities and consuming these foods can help you melt away that fat from your abdomen and achieve your goals naturally.


Here’s a look at some of the top choices scientists and doctors have seen work wonders on losing weight and staying healthy…

Cayenne Pepper – This type of chili pepper contains capsaicin, which has been shown to increase metabolism and reduce hunger and calorie intake.
Ginger – This spice commonly used in folk medicine aids in weight loss. Ginger increases your metabolism and fat burning abilities, as well as decreases fat absorption and appetite.
Turmeric – This spice contains curcumin, which has been shown to enhance fat loss, decreasing belly fat, and increasing weight loss.
Mint – This is considered a nutritional herb that helps in detoxifying your body and weight loss. The green leaves aids in boosting your digestive metabolism, helping to eliminate toxins and waste from the body.
Fennel – These tiny seeds have diuretic properties that improve digestions and metabolism. The seeds are rich in fiber, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, helping in losing weight and purifying your blood as well.
Spinach – This vegetable and other leafy greens like kale are great for burning belly fat and are very nutritious. Spinach has been studied for its fat-burning capabilities.
Broccoli – Apart from this vegetable being high in fiber and full of boosting minerals and vitamins, broccoli contains phytochemicals that help enhance fat loss in your body.
Carrots – This is one of the best low-calorie vegetables. Carrots are rich in both soluble and insoluble fiber which aids in healthy weight loss.
Acai – These berries are super high in antioxidants, low in sugar, and high in fiber- a perfect combo for increasing your metabolism and fat burning abilities.
Pineapple – This fruit is filled with the enzyme bromelain, which has anti-inflammatory properties, shrinks your belly fat, and helps with your digestion.

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